Services @ meemu dot org


mastodon on meemu. A furry-friendly, queer focused instance. You must be 18+ to join, but it isn't an adult themed instance.


misskey on A chill place for enbies and other adjacent folk to try out misskey.


write freely on, come scream your heart out long-form style!


Coming soon! mastodon on, a trans masculine focused instance. 18+ only.

status page

service status info -- what's up, what's down, what's getting upgraded when?

personal web app hosting

yunohost based app hosting for websites, wikis, and more. This is for pals only!

This is a list of various services, including federated ones, operated by catgoat with help from kylia!

What's federation? Read this to find out more! There's a brief description of each service below.

If you're a friend in need of hosting, hit up or

... is a microblogging service. Pick this if you're looking for a twitter-like experience.
... offers distraction free, simple blogging. Pick this if you want to write, or like a Medium-esque experience
... offers a featureful, extensive social media experience, from microblogs to personal pages. Pick this if you're looking for something more like tumblr or facebook.
... lets you easily host your own apps, including federated ones!